jueves, 7 de julio de 2011

The Shortwave Broadcasts as intangible cultural heritage element.

An initiative held by Venezuelan DXers is an appeal to entitle "The Shortwave Broadcasts" as Intangible Cultural Heritage matter. A petition in that sense is on the way to UNESCO. DXers and SW enthusiasts should send their Name and Full Name, Address (home), E-mail, Job/occupation to . Before Sun Jun 2011! This data will be used solely for this purpose, and presented urgently the next week at UNESCO Caracas.

DXers working on this project are: Berny Solano Solano - Attorney and Admininistrative Jury in San José Costa Rica, Humberto Arango- DXer and Ham in Medellín Colombia, Jorge García Rangel - Economist and Professor at the Universidad Santa María in Barinas, Venezuela. Santiago San Gil González - Environmental Engineer, radio announcer in Barinas, Venezuela.
and active members of Club Diexistas de la Amistad in Colombia and Venezuela.
(Source: via Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, adapted and translated, Jun 17)

Horacio A. Nigro

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